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Kenzie Bannister

Life creates a story unique to each of us – a collection of experiences, challenges, and dreams that define who we are. I believe that you are the author of that story, but life and its obstacles have a way of making us forget that. My role is that of a partner, here to walk alongside you and your family as we explore this story and find the tools you need to pick up the pen, overcome the obstacles, and write a story you are invested in.


Drawing from a person-centered, narrative and structural family therapy, mindfulness-based practices, and my own experiences, I adapt my methods to suit your unique journeys. Your story and your family’s story are unlike anyone else's, and I honor that uniqueness. Through attentive listening, empathy, culturally sensitive, and thoughtful guidance, I aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can heal, learn, and transform.


I believe in the mind-body-soul interconnection to healing.

P: (385) 398-2944

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