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Hope results from knowing the multiple stories of yourself when being resilient to pain and difficulty. Hope emerges when acknowledging people around helping and supporting your intentions. By being part of a support group, all your efforts and wisdom could be linked to people facing something similar. Our intention in therapy and support groups is about listening, telling, and retelling stories that could bring ideas, relief, and initiatives by inviting collective wisdom.

For English speakers

Support Groups for Everyone

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Connect and share with teens next door 

Support and educational group for pre-teens and teens ages 10 to 14 in collaboration with Take the Next Step, a community organization in Monroe. 

The intention is to open a fun and playful experience where activities and art will guide the conversation about how they survived difficult times, what has been challenging in Middle School, their worries about life, friends, identity, family, nature, world situation, and all that it is been important in their life. We will bring some ideas about how to improve mental health by understanding how emotions and impulsive behaviors can be tamed, like if they were ferocious dragons.

We invite you to register in this group that will start once we reach 10 participants registered. 

If you think that your child could benefit from the group or have any questions, please contact us.

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