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Art therapy for children & teens
Comfortable therapy rooms 

Individual Therapy

Living to the fullest is knowing that we are not "the problem", but the protagonists of our life with skills to tame even the most ferocious problems. Anxiety, depression, frustration, and a sense of failure arise from not feeling that we are what we should be. This can lead us to self-harm, lose hope, make poor decisions, or damage meaningful relationships. In individual therapy with adults, youth, boys, and girls, we use creativity and seek the therapeutic approach that makes sense with the person and the difficult situation they are experiencing. 

Family Therapy

Families are our close by blood or choice relatives. Some difficulties result from our living context, financial situation, lack of opportunities, school or work problems, and limited access to some services.

Our relational therapy for various family conflicts restores the opportunity for better understanding, respect, and conflict resolution. We are committed to inviting responsibility and letting go of the blame. We have experience working with same-sex couples and families from diverse cultural backgrounds, life stages, grieving and chronic conditions, and reconstituted families.

Couple's Therapy

As a couple, we want to stay together in adversity. What is valued in the relationship illuminates solutions, agreements, and sanctions, although sometimes the healthiest solution is to stop being a couple and treasure some shared stories. In therapy, we learn to communicate our needs and desires with respect to the different ways of seeing and experiencing problems, to reach better agreements as a couple and with the children. We work with diverse couples and especially those who experience discrimination or oppression due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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