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Unlearning and learning are part of growing as a person, couple, and family. We accumulate ideas that are suddenly no longer useful, if not an obstacle or ballast, and to let them go we need to acquire other ideas that fit what we want for our lives and relationships. We offer various workshops for therapists, students, and the general population depending on the interests and needs of the community we serve.

We publish the workshops with hours, dates, and costs once we have a sufficient group for the objective of the workshop to be met.

Social Distance

Some Workshops for the general public are:

  • Positive discipline for children and adolescents

  • Prevention of child sexual abuse

  • What is gender diversity and how to support my child?

  • Support in school success

  • Healthy weight and family relationships

  • Adjusting family life to the chronic illness of a child?

Some Workshops for mental health workers and students are:

  • Narrative Therapy using art and imagination

  • Multiculturalism and social justice in the therapeutic approach

  • Relational ethics in youth work

  • Rescuing answers of hope in stories of pain

  • Community therapy within private practice

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