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Mariana Marban

My goal is to open a space of trust and confidence for my clients. My background has taught me to be curious abut the diverse context of living and cultures of my clients. I am a very empathic and welcoming individual who will be fortunate to hear your story. We can work together to find your preferred self, make space for reflecting about how you want to handle difficulties and find ways to grow stronger relationships.  


I identify as Latina, bicultural and bilingual. I have experienced many battles in life. I come from an immigrant family and was raised by a single mom, this wasn't always easy. Many people in our community struggle a lot with the family system like mine. My goal is to hold space for understanding your story and what are the family patterns that you would like to change. As a family therapist, I am interested in how to improve relationships with your children, siblings, parents or someone else in the family, we can work through that together.

I graduated with a bachelor's in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in diversity from the University of Washington. I am currently a Big for the Big Brother Big Sister non-profit organization, which educates me on how to be a mentor. I also work with children in elementary schools and guide them socially, academically, and physically in an after-school program.

P: (360) 386-2796

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