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Angel Asuncion-Reed

I believe that together, knowing and unpacking how personal, social, cultural, and systemic frameworks work with our minds, bodies, and spirits can bring forth empowerment and a path to healing. As an immigrant from Manila, Philippines, I know the impact of harm and losses that carries from generation to generation caused by systems that are, most times, not made for us.


My work for almost 20 years in higher education with student communities, has offered insight into systemic influences, and my degrees in History, Media Studies, and Women’s Studies have raised this reality of intergenerational trauma that surfaces in our lives and within our relationships. 

I hope that, together, we can actualize a space where you are centered. As an immigrant mother, I hope to work with BIPOC, multiracial, and immigrant families, and people with chronic conditions and experiencing grief.  I believe in the mind-body-soul interconnection to healing.

P: (425) 270-8293

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