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Abby Shobe

I believe we should try to squeeze as much joy and laughter into life as we can. My family, friendships, and relationships are crucial, and I spend much of my free time with people I love. I also enjoy creating art and playing volleyball. 

My journey in the mental health field began working with children and their families on the inpatient psychiatric unit at Seattle Children’s Hospital. My experiences there highlighted the reality that to create change in a struggling child’s life, the whole family may need support and empowerment. I was inspired to focus my career on viewing problems from a systemic mindset and consider the impact that relationships and environment have on our lives. 

I actively work against systems of oppression, and am always open to learning more about ways I can best acknowledge and repurpose my privilege into uplifting others. My passion for this work continues to be inspired by the resiliency and strength that people embody when sharing their story, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from my clients. 

P: (206) 552-0317

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