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Emily Estrada

I believe everyone’s story is worthy of being heard, explored, acknowledged, and appreciated. I also believe that the stories we have about ourselves shape the way in which we move with the world. My goal as a therapist is to hold the space for my clients to come as they are. I want to create an environment of safety, understanding, and acceptance for my clients to be authentically themselves, explore where they are, and collectively work towards where they want to be. I want to assist my clients in shaping a story that serves them, one that acknowledges resilience, acceptance of oneself, and confidence in advocating for themselves.


I want to acknowledge the privilege and honor I have in being able to hear the stories my clients will bring, as well as witness the healing and transformation that is to come. I look forward to potentially working alongside you through this process.  


I graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. I spent several years working with children and their families, along with a non-profit organization that provided resources and support to those leaving violent situations/relationships.

P: (424) 234-8783

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