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Ozlem Yalcin

I am originally from Turkey and have lived in the U.S. for about five years. I come from a working-class, Sunni Muslim, Turkish family. I grew up in a collectivistic-individualistic culture that values the well-being of the community and family. I have always lived and worked for a good purpose, good intent, and good goal that always gave me life, energy, and joy. I am heterosexual, able-bodied, and Muslim. In an environment where religiosity was suppressed, I became acquainted with religion's essence and spiritual aspect.


I have a desire to contribute in a meaningful way to others and through infusing my life work with religious theory and psychological methods to improve and balance the lives of those I encounter. Psychology has remained my point of interest altogether with Islamic spirituality. 

I graduated from Hacettepe University Physics Engineering Department in Turkey. After working actively as a teacher for three years, and mentoring students. I obtained a certificate from a Mentoring Program for the North American University of  Houston, Texas. I worked in non-profit charities where we provided resources and training for female students and women.

P: (360) 836-0574

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