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You Sleep Pain

You sleep pain, serene and deep.

You are lulled by hope, watch expectantly

because at the first murmur of conscience

you will wake up screaming, crying;

invading with your presence

the free space of life.

You sleep in pain,

just a few minutes....

Moments in which life

spreads its wings

and reaches height again.

You sleep pain

and you take me with you;

You embrace me while my mind

awakens to fly,

to be carried away

by the caress of the wind...

wind that invites,

that frees while redeeming guilt.

You wake up screaming pain,

breaking dreams,

tearing entrails of desire...

And I summon hope

to sing and lull you to sleep

so that when you fall asleep it releases

my dream, my life, my peace.

You are unfathomable pain,

mystery and meaninglessness.

You need the metaphor

to be talked about,

apprehended, crumbled.

You need hope

to keep you asleep.

You are pain,

the proof that we feel,

we bleed and we love.

I don't understand you pain,

nor do I invite you.

I only look at you

and I look at myself in you

from time to time.

You are pain, the bodily testimony of what my spirit longs for,

Pain in the world from which we are taking away colors, shapes and life,

Pain in the children who are robbed of the security of growing up,

To ache in men and women when we look at ourselves without looking at others.

To hurt in the infinite capacity of the human being to break and not to repair,

To hurt in the frustration of renouncing to be a witness of fairer worlds,

To ache in vulnerability, in the ways in which pain itself becomes an instrument of rupture.

To sleep the pain in the hope of repairing.

Rosy, el ruiseñor

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