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Samson Irish-Lodge

Our journeys as individuals are unique and challenging in their own ways; and it is my belief that those distinctive experiences require affirming and intentional recognition and support. I am dedicated to providing therapy that creates a respectful, curious, and open environment that allows for us to walk together as we learn to navigate our place within the systems that we interact with.


In my free time, when I’m not trying to wear out my puppy, I usually turn to music! Whether it is listening, composing, playing, or seeing live performances in the Seattle area. 


My therapeutic approach is centered around the ideas of experiential, internal family systems, Gottman, narrative, music and art therapy. Within these systemic approaches, I use a lens that considers systems of oppression which provides an understanding of how one’s sexual, ethnic, or racial identity affects the way that we engage with ourselves and our surrounding community. I provide therapy for those with experiences relating to trauma, depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, relationship with the self, and grief and loss. I see individuals, couples, and families.

P: (773) 798-2080‬



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